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A Guide to Mythe Barn Wedding Venue

Mythe Barn is a wedding venue is located outside the historic town of Atherstone and is a particularly spectacular wedding venue for all weather conditions. On a clear day you can get yourself some amazing sunsets and guests can enjoy the day in the open courtyard with bar!

Inside the barn is HUGE with multiple rooms for dancing and dining with a spacious bar area which makes it a great venue if there's a bit of rain!

The Terrace

The entrance is one of the most underrated parts of Mythe Barn.

There's a great area for any group shots you might like but it's also a very welcoming area a short walk from the car park. This is where we get those epic confetti shots, loads of space for the guests to line up and chuck some paper and rice at you.

The Courtyard

One of the best parts of Mythe barn is the courtyard. Here guests can enjoy themselves and interact which is where I get the THE BEST candids. There's an outside bar, a fire pit and a snug area for the more introvert guests to get away for a bit.

The Main room and balcony

The main room is the best room to get hitched! The huge glass window and doors let in tons of lovely light for those natural images of your vows. Upstairs there's a maisonette overlooking the main room. The maisonette has two bedrooms leading off it where the bride usually gets ready in the morning. Last time I was at Mythe barn the staff had prepared a HUGE continental breakfast platter brought to the room. Let me tell you now, it was good!

In the evening the room doubles up as the party room where you and your guests can dance away! It's a great space for small and large receptions alike. And in this review we've even ignored the huge dining space and the bar area just outside which makes Mythe barn feel very open and comfortable for parties of all sizes.

The Fields

Without a doubt, the best place to get the creative juices flowing is the fields are the back of Mythe Barn. No matter what time of year, pre or post harvest the fields look amazing. And if you get there at the right time of day you can catch the sunset leaving in the distance.

One of the best parts of the field are the sheep which comes over to you in they're in the right mood. But there are plenty of interesting and creative things to use on the farms to get some really cool photographs for your album. I'll leave you here with some of my latest images from Mythe Barn.



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