I'm Baaaaack!

The issues with coronavirus have hit the wedding industry hard!

I'm so amazed by the amount of couples asking me to return because there just aren't enough wedding photographers to go around.

So I've decided to come back, for a least the short term, at a reduced rate to help with the wedding photography deficit that's out there at the moment!

I may even stay for longer!

Did I really leave?

To be honest with you, over the past few years I've still photographed lots of weddings but I've not shouted about it or advertised on my website or on the Briscoe Photography Facebook Page so I have LOADS of photographs I can show off on the blog and today we're going to start back up with the wedding of Porsche and Christian at Wooton Park wedding venue.

I'm really looking forward to coming back and photographing more crazy moments like these again!

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