Video has for a long time been a passion or an extension of my photography and I've always wondered if I could use my knowledge and experience in weddings, my photographic eye and my passion for video to bring my own flavour of wedding videography

It turns out, it's really hard to do. 


I think it's an understatement to say.... I'm pretty handy with a camera. I understand light and I have a talent for composing a photograph quickly.


But wedding videography requires a further level of file organisation, story-telling and equipment which I have been working on for a number of years now


It's time to show you what I can do and I now have a library of wedding videos to entice you into helping me grow further as a wedding videographer - maybe to even become the best wedding videographer in Shropshire one day!

Combine this new skill with my vast experience of weddings and my in depth knowledge of photography I can now offer a high quality product for a discount price knowing that each wedding video I produce is going to vastly improve on the last.


In 2022 I'm offering this brand new wedding videography service for just £500. In this package you will receive a 3 minute+ wedding highlight video as standard that tells an exciting and shareable story of your day.

On top of this I film the entire speeches and ceremony so you have these to remember forever. The quality and ability of these videos will be improving all of the time, include drone footage where possible and ceremony incorporation into a much longer feature film. This package is heavily discounted in comparison to videographers of similar quality simply so I can build a bigger and higher quality library of wedding videography.

This offer is open to any couple wedding in Shropshire in 2022, if you're getting married outside of the county you might need to add a little for travel.

Ultimately I'm looking for daring couples who want a great video at a ridiculously cheap price to help me build the next stage of my business!

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