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For couples who want a fun and relaxed wedding day with great photos!
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You're not used to being in front of a camera and maybe you're a little nervous about how to act or that you'll feel weird

You just want killer, fun pictures where you can actually feel the emotion, not weird poses that make you cringe

You want your wedding day to feel more like a day-long party than a day-long production

You would like some cool tips on how to make your wedding the best day from someone who actually knows

Your wedding goals are to marry your best friend, raise the roof and party like it's the last night on earth


more laughter

Making photographs a fun part of the wedding  day :)


Hey, I'm Paul

I’m a son raising, snowboard whirling, adventure loving, dance floor damaging, tear shedding renegade of wedding traditions and I am ready to party with you.

You're not just getting a photographer, I'm your wedding guide, the best Shropshire wedding resource and your biggest fan, with a high five up top whenever you need it.

I’m here to help you navigate the daunting task of planning your wedding with personalised vendor recommendations, customised timelines and killer tips based on years of shooting weddings in Shropshire.

Read through my reviews and you're going to find the same experience; you're with a friend.

This directly creates FUN, natural photos that actually reflect who you are and allow you to relive your day every time you look at them.

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