My style is fun and relaxed!

I love to document the natural story of your day.

This means I take a reportage approach to shooting weddings with a hint of epic creativity to portraits.

What this basically means is I'm not really into super posed pictures and I don't input too much into the wedding. I like to capture the natural moments as they unfold and I love watching and waiting for people to give that big smile as they'e chatting to an old friend.

But lets be honest here, you are probably going to want some nice images of yourselves and having your picture taken is WEIRD... I get that.


If needed, I will definitely give you some light prompts and “direction”.

The limit to my direction would be, say, positioning you under a tree or guiding you a bit when you don’t know what the hell to do with your hands (seriously, I think everyone knows that feeling). 

If you're looking to cram your day full of stiff, posed images standing awkwardly next to a family member or you want me to replicate another photographers image of you standing under an archway, I'm probably not the right fit for you, and that's totally cool!

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